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Customer care from Facebook, Zalo OA, Instagram, Shopee, Live chat, Chatbot

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Manage comments, messages

Manage multiple pages at the same time, collect all comments, messages. Labeled, message grouping, efficient workflow support.

Hide smart comments

Automatically hide comments to avoid hijacking.

Gallery, sample messages

Create a general, easy-to-find photo gallery to help sales staff give advice effectively, quickly and flexibly.

Manage orders, customers

Create an order right at the consultation dialog window. Manage customer and customer orders.

Delivery Management

Select the optimal carrier in terms of cost and delivery time. Look up bills of lading and check payments quickly and accurately.


Aggregate the number of interactions, orders, revenue from Facebook, Zalo OA, Instagram, Shopee channel.


  • Manage multiple pages at the same time.
  • Automatically collect all messages, comments.
  • Label workflow division, avoid duplication.
  • Group messages, unread comments for easy follow-up.
  • Message filters, smart comments, lots of criteria.

Hide smart comments

  • Automatically identify and hide comments containing phone numbers to avoid robbed guests.
  • Allow to delete comments right in the manager.
  • The hidden setting shows comments according to their own settings.
  • Hide settings show comments by posts.
  • Automatically reply to comments form.

Photo gallery, Sample message

  • Create a generic product photo gallery to help employees provide quick and accurate advice on selling products.
  • Create sample messages to improve salesperson productivity.

Manage orders, customers

  • Automatically capture customer information based on the content of the message, comments or public information of the customer and create an order right at the conversation box.
  • Customer reliability test based on purchase history.
  • Easily access customer information to support sales and marketing.

Delivery management

  • Integrated shipping gateway with 10 largest carriers.
  • Automatically calculate shipping fees, suggest suitable carriers.
  • Update promotions of carriers by month (*)
  • Automatically synchronize data with sales management software.
  • Easy to look up payment reconciliation.

Offers for March 2023

  • Same price 17K (maximum 18K discount) when delivering via Grab Express
  • Straight 7k discount for super speed, super speed-food when delivered via AhaMove


  • Report the number of comments and messages in real time.
  • Report number of orders from page.
  • Report sales from Facebook.
  • Report by conversation label.


Price/ Month 3 months 6 month 1 year get 1 month free 2 years get 3 months free
1 page 100.000 đ 300.000 đ 600.000 đ 1.200.000 đ 2.400.000 đ
3 pages 250.000 đ 750.000 đ 1.500.000 đ 3.000.000 đ 6.000.000 đ
5 pages 400.000 đ 1.200.000 đ 2.400.000 đ 4.800.000 đ 9.600.000 đ
Unlimited number of page users
Support to change the expiry date of pages together
First page 100,000 VND / month
From the 2nd page onwards 75,000 VND / month (*)
Give extra expiry date
when paying for 1 year or more
100000 VND


You transfer the fee for using Chat.nhanh to your account:

- Bank account number: 19133915566015

- Technological and Commercial Join-stock Bank - Branch Chuong Duong

- Account holder: CONG TY CO PHAN NHANH.VN

Transfer Contents

Customer name - phone number - thanh toan cuoc Chatnhanh

After receiving the payment, Chat.nhanh will contact the phone number in the transfer content to renew the software

Page care service


  • Page management service
  • Construction Services CONTENT PAGE
  • Media Services
  • Facebook advertising service
  • Advertising service INSTAGRAM


  • Save 50% on advertising costs
  • Increase the reach, promote interaction to potential customers
  • Consulting to analyze the brand development roadmap
  • Design banners, standard images, increase Page attraction
  • Optimizing content for daily SEO standard keyword articles on Page

Software system integrated with


Website design

Smart customizable website interface
Many powerful marketing tools
Direct inventory connection
Integrating shipping charges
Integrating online payment gateways


Sales Manager

Synchronize all sales activities
Sell on Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok Shop
Directly connect the warehouse and website
Customize discounts, accumulate points, coupons
Check stock quickly, avoid loss


Shipping services

Process thousands of orders in a day
Connect with multiple carriers
Check schedules easily
Check thousands of orders in a snap
Get paid every day of the week

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